One package. One price.

portrait shoot

At some stage before the wedding, I meet up with each couple for an afternoon to get used to the process. This lets you know what to expect on the day. I find that after these sessions, couples are far more relaxed which cuts down on the time needed for photos on the wedding day.

Unlike a wedding there are no time restraints, so you can go somewhere completely different if you like. My favourite places to shoot are somewhere I haven't been before, so if you have access to property or another location that's special to you I'd love to hear about it.

all day coverage

Weddings last all day, I shoot all day. I'm all yours for whatever hours you like between 10AM and 10PM.

The final images from each wedding should tell a story, and stories aren't very engaging if they start halfway through and finish with a few chapters to go. Starting early gives me a chance to meet everyone else and blend in before it's go-time. Twelve hours of coverage gets everything you need.

final images

On the day, I shoot everything. Afterwards I narrow these down to the final images which is what I edit and deliver. My post-processing is focused on cleaning up distractions, colour correction and highlighting what's already there. Everything I deliver is edited to the same standard as any images shown online.

When the edits are complete (around 6 weeks after the wedding) the full resolution JPG's are available to you in a secure online gallery as well as a USB drive. No watermarks, ready for printing.

portrait shoot, coverage & final images = $4400


cloth cover fine art wedding album
cloth cover fine art wedding album spine
Digital files are great for sharing quickly, but they're no substitute for a printed image. Albums are the best way to present all your photos together in a beautiful package that encourages you to go through them again and again.

Images are printed on a thick, matte finish paper. They lay flat and have a near-seamless fold, so images can be placed anywhere within a spread. I have studio samples and cover material swatches on hand to ensure you know exactly what the final product will look like.
20 spreads  -  $1400
45 spreads  -  $2300
if ordered before the wedding
20 spreads - $1100
45 spreads - $1800
parent albums available on top of a 10x10" only
6x6"  -  20 spreads  -  $500

second shooter

wedding second shooter photographer
One photographer is great, two are better. A second shooter is super useful for covering both halves of getting ready at once, as well as rounding out coverage from other parts of the day. They also act as the best possible insurance policy should I be incapacitated for any reason on the day.  
4 hours ~ $400
6 hours ~ $500
8 hours ~ $600