emotional groom seeing bride down the aisle
bride crying during wedding ceremony
beer spill on dancefloor
heartfelt wedding ceremony guest

My photos are honest and real.

It's important to me to keep direction to a minimum. For the majority of the day, I keep out of the way and let everything occur naturally. I'll pipe up for a bit shooting your family photos and give you a hand looking your best during portraits, but that's about it. I include the funny, the unexpected and the genuine frames as well as the emotional moments.
"You somehow manage to combine professionalism and fitting in to the crowd expertly"
– David, 2013
"The way you interacted with us and our guests brought out the best in each moment"
– Anita, 2015
"Thank you for an easy, pleasant transaction. Excellent seller. A++++++"
– Adrian, 2016
bride and groom under the stars
bride and groom under the milky way
adams peak country estate wedding

I'm there all day. 10AM to 10PM.

A wedding is more than just the ceremony. A wedding is full of unexpected moments, and when they happen I don't want to be sleeping in or driving home. I want to be there.

Shooting weddings in this style is the best way for me to truly understand everything that goes on within the day. I can't tell you how many times a chance to chat with a guest has given me extra insight into who the couple are and what is important to them, which affects how I frame different parts of the day.
"It felt like you were a friend who just happened to be carrying a camera."
– Samantha, 2016

I photograph everyone.

A wedding is about the people – and not just the happy couple. One of my favourite parts of the job is getting to know everyone else who is there and aiming to shoot as many of them as possible. It's unlikely that your guests will ever be all in one place at any other time, which makes it a pretty special opportunity.
"Although we barely noticed Ben there on the day (which is the best way it can be) he will now be such a big part of our family, the photos he took will be the ones hanging on our walls, the ones we show our children and the ones we will look back on in decades to come."
– Alyce, 2015

Doing business with me is easy.

My pricing is simple, and you don’t have to email me to get it – it’s all available here. I'm happy to meet for a chat outside business hours, or we can Skype. I use online contracts, which means securing a booking is as quick as clicking a link. Once your photos are ready, I create a secure online gallery which makes it easy to share with whoever you like. I provide an online printing service, or you can sort your own - and I'm happy to recommend a local printer if so. If you order an album, I’ll prepare the first draft ASAP – usually couples only make a slight tweak before sending to print.

You get married.

I handle the rest.