a little introduction
// wife
I grew up in Gloucester. There’s not a whole lot there, but it’s a cute country town. It’s where I met my wife – we actually went to the same pre-school. At sixteen, we decided to spend the rest of our lives together and have barely spent a day apart since. I’m not the most decisive type of guy - it took me 6 years to pop the question. We got married on my parents’ verandah. It rained nonstop the entire day, but we weren’t concerned. We were surrounded by the people who were special to us, and that’s what mattered. A few years later we had Elvis renew our vows in Vegas. It was as corny and tacky as you could hope for. Both days were brilliant. Liv understands me like no one else. She keeps me honest. Having her by my side is my greatest achievement.

// life
Once we finished school, Liv & I moved to Newcastle. For us it’s the perfect mix of big & small, busy yet quiet. We rarely swim at the beach, but we love living on the coast. Our families are close by and our friends are even closer. Parts of the city have become inseparable from our relationship – the spot where I proposed, smoothies from 3 Monks, whale watching from Strzelecki, $10 Merewether pizzas, Sundays at Shoal Bay, gelato from Popolo, zucchini flowers from Rustica...we live to eat. We’ve moved around a bit, but are now settled in Cardiff with our doggo Daphne (we watch a lot of Frasier). We love it here and aren’t planning on leaving any time soon.

// work
I started shooting weddings in 2010, after dropping out halfway through a Visual Communications degree. Photography was becoming my thing, and I don’t believe it’s something you learn in lectures and tutes. While I picked up more weddings, I went back (and completed) a degree in business to hedge my bets. By the time I graduated though, my wedding count was nearing 100 and things were humming along. My degree now sits patiently in a filing cabinet, awaiting a chance to be useful.

Being self-employed is something I never would have predicted, but now treasure dearly. I run my business the way I would hope to be treated as a client, with honesty and respect. No gimmicks. I work to a standard, not to a price or a deadline. Having the luxury of pursuing my passion is something I continually owe to my couples, and I don’t forget it. Photography has taken me places I never anticipated at the outset. I love that it’s a constantly changing ball game. It’s an interesting mix of working in the field, but then honing the craft behind the scenes as well – the editing, the prints, the process. To stay still is to be moving backwards.