a little introduction
Liv and I held our wedding at my parents’ house, in Barrington (near Gloucester). It’s where I grew up, it’s the town where we first met...it just made sense. It rained the entire day, but neither of us cared. We were surrounded by those closest to us, and that’s what was important. We first laid eyes on each other in pre-school many years earlier, but didn’t pay much attention until we were 16. At that point we promptly decided (as 16 year olds do) to spend the rest of our lives together. Ten years on and counting, I can say without a doubt that this was my best decision to date.

I’m 26. I shot my first wedding in 2010, and went full time in 2012. It wasn’t something I planned to get into, but after that first wedding it was inevitable. Being involved in something where everyone is ecstatic to be there is pretty addictive. It's a job that offers a perfect mix of meeting new people and exploring cool places, balanced out with some tech + gear obsession. I love shooting weddings, living in Newcastle and being married to Liv. Other things that make me unreasonably happy -

– cupcake espresso
– all things well designed
– the regal cinema
– bon iver
– arrested development
– spotify
– symmetry
- travel. fav city outside Newcastle is Melbourne, fav country outside Australia is Croatia
– mexican food & margaritas (especially mamasita)
– elon musk
– breaking bad
– a nice tie
– cheese and bacon shapes, classic only.